Brahmi a wonder herb of Aurveda

Brahmi a wonder herb of Aurveda

Brahmi, a wonder herb of Ayurveda 

“The essence of all beings is Earth. The essence of Earth is Water. The essence of Water is plants. The essence of plants is the human being”

You’ve probably seen Brahmi or Bacopa monnieri in its fresh, organic form if you’ve ever walked through the marshlands. This wet-loving, creeping, blooming herb native to the Americas, India, Africa, and the majority of the rest of the world has an important therapeutic role in Ayurveda.

Brahmi is an aquatic creeping perennial plant that is frequently used to adorn fish tanks, although it may be utilized for much more than that. It has a major impact on cognitive function.

Stress manifests itself in a variety of ways, and so do the methods for dealing with it. Brahmi, in conjunction with other herbs, is used to treat mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, dementia, and ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). This plant is also used to treat inflammatory disorders such as arthritis and ulcers.

Our body, according to ancient Vedic medical practitioners, is made up of physical and spiritual, visible and intangible aspects. Brahmi gets down to the heart of the matter, affecting the most essential component of your being. Brahmi has been regarded as the top contender medicinal plant in the realm of Ayurveda since the time of the Vedas.

Brahmi, which means “godlike” in reference to its excellent reputation for sustaining lifespan and mental vitality, is regarded as potent brain food and is suggested as a cognitive rejuvenator in the Ayurvedic tradition. It’s a popular herb among individuals looking to strengthen and deepen their practice of meditation. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that Brahmi can help with understanding, focus, and remembrance.

Brahmi is typically regarded as safe to combine with other drugs and supplements, and it is most effective after eight to twelve weeks of constant usage. With its long list of advantages, this is one plant that is well worth the wait.

This potent herb may be utilized in a variety of forms, including powder, juice, oils, and pills, but remember to find out the proper dose. Before using Brahmi in your wellness routine, always see an Ayurvedic Doctor.

Brahmi may have been employed in ancient Ayurvedic practices, but now this amazing plant is in the limelight of rising studies supporting cognitive wellness throughout the world.

What are the 5 top benefits of Bacaopa Monieri – Brahmi?

  • Enhances mental clarity and supports memory.
  • Helpful in removing ama (toxins) and acts as a powerful antioxidant and therefore neutralizing harmful free radicals due to its bitter taste.
  • Brahmi oil is great for scalp health reducing dryness, itching, and dandruff whilst calming and soothing the mind.
  • Helps manage stress, anxiety and supports sound sleep.
  • Supports digestive health due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Does Brahmi, a wonder herb of Ayurveda, help in the beauty regimen as well?

The answer to the above question is YES; consistent usage of Brahmi in the skincare routine is believed to improve skin tone and elasticity. Its antioxidant capabilities aid in the removal of pollutants and stimulate cell repair, which tones and maintains the skin appearing younger, as well as brightening the complexion. It works well as an anti-aging component.

Brahmi is a disinfectant and a therapeutic herb. The herb promotes skin healing and is used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Brahmi oil is high in vitamin C, which helps to minimize the obvious symptoms of scarring. It smoothes, softens, and hydrates the skin.

If your skin is prone to acne, Brahmi may be the most efficient herbal remedy to keep acne and pimples at bay owing to its anti-bacterial characteristics. A face mask made of organic Brahmi powder, turmeric powder, hibiscus powder, neem powder, Triphala powder, besan (chickpea flour), and water is excellent for keeping the skin clean, oil-free, and acne-free.

Can we consume Brahmi as food?

Yes again, Brahmi leaves are a fantastic addition to your herbal cabinet. It may be eaten fresh from the plant and is commonly consumed as salad greens, but it can also be used in a variety of dishes such as pesto, herbal tea, and nighttime super milk.

We are sure by now you are convinced to explore further about this wonder herb from the Ayurvedic Doctors, Nutritionists, and Chefs at ASHAexperience and order your Brahmi Ayurvedic tablets.

We believe in collaborative relationship-based care where our Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Supplement Brands, Ayurvedic Nutritionists & Chefs, Yoga, and Meditation Trainers are in sync. Contact the team who passionately works together to hold your hand in this healing journey.

Ayurvedic Corporate Online Wellness Camp with ASHAexperience

Ayurvedic Corporate Online Wellness Camp with ASHAexperience

What is Ayurvedic Corporate Online Wellness Camp

We at ASHAexperience have carefully designed one of its kind wellness camps offered to the Corporate world for the first time by bringing all our global Ayurvedic doctors and healers under one virtual roof.


  • Ayurvedic Corporate Wellness camp is based on Ayurvedic Healing Science which is more than 5000 years old.
  • Designed to cater the corporate world virtually irrespective of the location of their team members.
  • Designed to take care of any kind of physical, emotional and lifestyle related health challenges.
  • The Wellness camp is organised by bringing highly qualified and experienced Ayurvedic Doctors around the world.
  • The Ayurvedic Wellness camp can be for 1 day or more depending upon the number of team members who want to visit the camp.

What is expected from Ayurvedic Online Wellness Camp ?

During the days of Wellness Camp, Ayurvedic Doctors of ASHAexperience will be available online from morning till evening ( as per the preferred time of the corporate ) from all across the globe.

The corporate team members can visit our Ayurvedic Doctors online at any time during the camp by logging in and booking the session as per their preferred doctor and time.

The Ayurvedic doctor will meet team members virtually for 30 mins over a zoom meeting.

The Ayurvedic doctor will understand the current and past lifestyle, professional stress, emotional situation, habits and health, and many more to analyze the individual’s body and psychological patterns based on Ayurvedic science.

Based on the analysis the Ayurvedic doctors will determine the constitution of the body and offer a detailed analysis.

The Ayurvedic doctor will also offer a personalized diet plan, as per each individual’s body constitution and guidance to yoga therapies if needed

The Ayurvedic doctor will also guide some specific dos and don’ts that can help in building holistic health

Why do Corporate need Ayurvedic Online Wellness Camp

  • People have a high level of stress and fatigue due to irregular professional career
  • Change in the work environment
  • Lack of social interaction causes so much stress.
  • Ayurvedic Online Wellness Camp is the most sustainable and natural healthcare approach that focuses on both physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Easy to access anywhere anytime by any team members.
  • This is the most economical CSR activity for the corporate.
  • Let the team members be happy and know that you think about their health and take care of them.
  • Giving the opportunity to the team members to participate in a unique wellness camp which is
    organized by ASHA by bringing highly qualified and experienced Ayurvedic Doctors around the
    world on one virtual platform which has never happened before.

How does Ayurvedic Online Wellness Camp help Corporate team members ?

Team members become aware of their body and mind’s intricate patterns as mentioned in the time trusted natural science of Ayurveda.

They learn the art and science to align both mind and body with the help of Ayurvedic Doctors. Eventually, team members get to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Ayurvedic Online Wellness Camp boosts the confidence of team members and guides them to take charge of their own health & lifestyle and successfully maintain a healthy balance between the personal and professional spheres.

Team members get to learn small remedies based on food and herbs that can help them to take care of their families.

We believe in collaborative relationship-based care where our Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Supplement Brands, Ayurvedic Nutritionists & Chefs, Yoga, and Meditation Trainers are in sync. Contact the team who passionately works together to hold your hand in this healing journey.

My Experience with Ayurvedic Doctor Consultation Online, ASHAExperience

My Experience with Ayurvedic Doctor Consultation Online, ASHAExperience

Ian Matthews

Ian Matthews

I recently discovered that Ayurveda can change my life and it most definitely has. My name is Ian Matthews and here is my story of embarking on a holistic, Ayurvedic healing journey with Ayurvedic Doctors online consultation at ASHAexperience.

Growing up as a British citizen in South Korea I have always loved the outdoors and anything to do with nature. I am a health wellbeing coach who practices what he preaches! My healthy lifestyle consists of a fusion between Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Raja Yoga practices. I was naturally drawn to ASHAexperience’s online platform as I myself am the founder of a program developed over 20 years ago that helps kickstart people to return to wholeness using 100% natural tools and practices.

I came across this global wellness platform from a dear friend that I met in Barcelona. There has been a synergy in certain elements of my practice and teachings that are connected to Ayurveda, so I was looking forward to learning more about this holistic system and more specifically about how it would better my lifestyle. To me, Ayurveda is a total well-being way of life.

When I met my Ayurvedic Doctor, Taruna Yadav I was looking forward to an objective view of my own health condition. I walked into the consultation with excitement as I knew it would be tailored around my needs and requirements. I was asked questions about my health condition but also many questions that I would not have asked clients from a Western perspective. Dr. Yadav’s questions for me were much more relevant to the person I was from day to day, rather than ailment-focused – I loved it. Overall, learning about my mind and body was emotionally moving, in a nice way.
Dr. Taruna Yadav

Dr. Taruna Yadav

The suggestions I was given at the end of the consultation were totally doable. I focus more on acceptance for where I am in life, unconditionally. The transition into an Ayurvedic lifestyle has been profound. I realize that it is the perfect next step for my own practice and for that of my clients, post-inner-evolution. I have also prescribed a list of Ayurvedic supplements that I could take to better my health condition which was readily available to order online internationally.

My most valued take-away from my consultation with ASHAexperience’s Dr. Yadav was the importance, regardless of my own work as a wellbeing practitioner, to assess honestly my own condition and not to push feelings of recent family traumas under the carpet, so to speak. To be kinder to myself regardless. My acceptance and new findings have motivated me to tackle another health condition that troubles me for a while now, digestive cleansing. Knowing that I can continue my healing journey through the ASHAexperience online platform was also very comforting. I have met many therapists via webinar and they are all so inspiring, honest and very professional.

If I were to recommend this Ayurvedic healing platform to anyone of my choice, it would be to the whole world!

We believe in collaborative relationship-based care where our Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Supplement Brands, Ayurvedic Nutritionists & Chefs, Yoga, and Meditation Trainers are in sync. Contact the team who passionately works together to hold your hand in this healing journey.

My experience with Ayurvedic Therapy Online

My experience with Ayurvedic Therapy Online

Hola a todos, I want to share my exclusive therapeutic experience with Ayurveda. I am a professional tourist guide in Barcelona, Spain. I recently started following the ayurvedic lifestyle that has transformed me to a better person with a healthy diet and natural wellness.
My exotic journey in the beautiful tourist destination Spain started with a profession as a tourist guide. Spain has mostly the Mediterranean climate, and is characterized by warm/hot and dry summers. With the most breathtaking landscapes dotted by buzzling cities, Spain is all about sand, food and alluring beaches that endlessly draw tourists from all over the world.
I love my profession as a tourist guide wherein I get to meet people from all over the world and engage them in the most beautiful tourist spots in Spain. Madrid and Barcelona are always heavily buzzing with tourists.
As a Spaniard we love food, leisure activities and chilling out with friends. The Spanish restaurants are always sprawling with both Spaniards and regular tourists because of the most authentic multi-cuisines dashed with a flavour of olive oil and their main dish as Paella. Well, some say Paella is Spanish national food but most Spaniards state it as a Valencian dish!
Barcelona has always had the most tourist population, and I was always on the go with people, engaging them with beautiful locales and food. For quite some time, I ended up eating all kinds of food to keep pace with my busy schedule. This took a toll on my health and I used to get sick often that hindered my professional life.

How I found this Ayurvedic consultation online?

Being a busy professional tourist guide I hadn’t had enough time to get my body checked with Doctors by physically visiting a nearby clinic and I used to end up with simple medications that gave me only short term relief. Then out of stressful health, I kept searching for online consultation with doctors and there I found ASHAexperience – The Ayurvedic healing community for Holistic healthcare and natural wellness.

The word Healing quickly embraced my stressful health and connected me emotionally. I started understanding their ayurvedic concept of healing and their many ayurvedic doctors from around the world. I found Dr. Dinu from Spain with expertise in digestive system management that immediately clicked me.

I got an immediate appointment with Dr. Dinu. I found this virtual ayurvedic consultation to be the most comforting way to take care of my health issues. The ayurvedic doctor quickly understood my professional life and suggested me with easy mediterranean food that is recommended by ayurveda for holistic healing of my current health issues. I quickly started following the ayurvedic guidelines on food intake along with the time of intake from day one and took care of my eating habits.
Dr. Dinu was a constant support for me taking care of my wellness habits and that was more encouraging for me to follow this ayurvedic practice. Within a week, I could see immense benefits in my health getting healed with respect to digestion of food that improved my metabolism making me active all through the day. Surprisingly, I am able to take more tour assignments than before. Glad I connected with ASHAexperience! I bet, this ayurvedic lifestyle is the destination for a complete holistic and natural wellness journey.

We believe in collaborative relationship-based care where our Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Supplement Brands, Ayurvedic Nutritionists & Chefs, Yoga, and Meditation Trainers are in sync. Contact the team who passionately works together to hold your hand in this healing journey.