Frequently Asked Questions on Ayurveda

Is Ayurveda safe for everyone?

Ayurveda is a natural science. Consult the doctors at ASHAexperience for further guidance on Ayurvedic Healing to build holistic health.

What happens in an Ayurvedic Consultation?

The Ayurvedic Doctor will examine your health imbalance through an Ayurvedic test or analysis and understand your past and present medical history. Based on the analysis, you will be recommended/prescribed a holistic Ayurvedic Lifestyle. This will include an ideal Ayurvedic Nutrition and Diet according to your dosha/body constitution type, some Ayurvedic supplements if needed, Yoga and Meditation practices to balance your mind and body. This Ayurvedic approach aims to build your immune system naturally and offer a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Which are the Ayurvedic Supplements/Product Brands recommended?

All the brands of Ayurvedic Supplements/Products partnered with ASHAexperience are well known as the best brand with their international quality parameters of Ayurveda.

How long will it take for my Ayurvedic Supplement to reach me?

The Ayurvedic Supplements will reach you within 9 to 11 working days after you make the payment for your products.

Do I have to be vegetarian to benefit from Ayurvedic treatment?

It is not necessary to be a vegetarian to benefit from Ayurvedic treatment or to practice an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Your Ayurvedic Doctor will recommend you to follow an ideal Ayurvedic Diet depending on your health goals.

How many Ayurvedic Treatment sessions will I need?

There is no standard course of treatment or the number of sessions advised for all. It differs from person to person depending on various factors. It can only be recommended by our competent doctors after the first consultation.

I have a chronic disease, can Ayurveda help?

The holistic treatment in Ayurveda provides a significant relief to an individual with chronic disease. Our Ayurvedic Doctors are extremely competent to explain and treat chronic ailments and recommend different types of Ayurvedic Treatment according to your lifestyle and body constituent

What is the cancellation policy?

  1.  You can reschedule the appointment in case of no show by the Doctor to attend the scheduled appointment due to any emergency or write to .
  2.  You can reschedule the appointment prior to the 24 hours of the scheduled appointment.
  3.  No refund in case of an appointment is canceled by you within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment.
  4.  No refund in case of no show by you to attend the scheduled appointment.
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