You can heal your body

You can heal your body

Heal your body with a Morning Routine

It was March this year when I worked myself into a mental and physical exaction. In the coaching industry and on social media I learned you have to hustle all day and this for years to have success. I followed this hustler-strategy for nearly 8 years. I lost creativity, time for relaxing, friends and family. I noticed I was more sick this year than ever before. My body, mind and soul got kicked out of balance and my inner voice was screaming for help, silence and most of it for sleep. I was also suffering from a hormonal imbalance; I had a surgery done on my uterus and I knew now I really have to change something. Western medicine declared after the surgery for them was all done, mental exhaustion they said came from the hormone imbalance. I will get some pills and if this does not help I get some other hormones and this is it.

I Connected with the Ayurvedic Healing Community – ASHAexperience

So this was the moment I knew I could only help myself. I called Bijoya, and with her and ASHAexperience. I started my journey to India for Panchakarma. I knew I needed at least 21 days of healing. I learned I can’t do it alone and I knew this time I am only taking time for myself. Only me and 21 days.

Everyone around me, friends, family, and even my closest ones said: Anja, are you crazy why are you going to India for a classical Panchakarma? And what is this even? And Ayurveda? How should this help you heal?

I left everyone behind with their fears and horror scenarios. I know now it is time to heal holistically and Ayurveda is 5000 years old. They know what healing really means and is about.

Ayurvedic Doctors Consultation at ASHAexperience
I had a three-month preparation time with my Ayurvedic doctor. All consultation was done online. During Covid, it was easy to handle. I have already started to change my eating habits. Also, I needed to take a look at Ayurvedic medicines to prepare my body, mind, and soul for the trip. The whole organization was done by ASHAexperience. This was the most stressful part for me to let go of control. I had put all my hope, fears, and trust into this journey and Bijoya’s hands because I knew this will change everything. Was it easy? Not for me who started working less, letting go of the unhealthy hustler mentally. Start taking care of myself.

Not only was I changing my eating habits, but I did also start journaling again and meditating in the morning. This helps also a lot to have the go from the Ayurvedic doctor: I am ready now for India. Ready for the 21-day journey.

Travel Experience in India for Ayurvedic Treatment

I only organized flights and visas by myself. Other than that I was arriving in India, got picked up and a driver was bringing me into this beautiful resort. Everyone there knew I would be coming. Since the first day they have taken care of me. I gave all the documents from the doctor to my Ayurvedic doctor and when I had my first consultation they knew half of my story already.

It started in my consultation that the doctors treated me holistically. We were talking one hour about my condition mentally, physically and also my soul. After this I had a chat with a nutritionist and then I got my first treatment and got to know my therapists. They went on the journey with me for 21 days every single day.

I decided to let go of all control and told my doctors if they and my nutritionist can take care of my diet during the 21 days. So my focus was only on myself and how I feel about what they did. I got my therapy plan, and a plan from the nutritionist as advice on what to follow and what not. This is up to everyone itself. If you keep following what they suggest without judging you will have the best results. I was talking every day to the doctors and if something needed to be adjusted they did. And I can tell you they did more than what I expected. Never in my whole life I was asking for so much. I was asking for changes in my diet, I was telling my therapists everyday if I needed soft or more intense treatment especially when they massaged. Was this easy for me? Not in the beginning, because I was raised not to put yourself in the middle. Telling my needs and what feels good for me was my biggest healing process in this 21 day journey. Was it always easy? No Did I have good and bad times? Yes, especially mentally.

It took 10 days for me to really feel relaxed and to let go of fears, thoughts and how this process needs to go. Before my journey I was reading a lot about what people achieve in this Panchakarma every state they go through. This comparison stopped on the third day when my doctor said: Anja you have to let go of this. It dresses you out to achieve something. Just open yourself up to us and trust the process. Anything is allowed and anything is ok. Are you good with this? Ok. I needed the proof of my doctors to heal my deep beliefs, doubts and mental issues. She started to suggest implementing a routine while I was there and that was the time I started to understand these routines are helping to come back in balance and later if I keep doing them back home to work as prevention.

Little did I know that all these steps and the way Panchakarma treatments are built up helped me to cure. That was just the start of my healing journey. Does it finish when I come home? No, because there you keep continuing. Do I have to do it alone? No, I got help from ASHAexperience, my doctors and myself, since it needs a commitment from your side to really change something and have the intention to heal. Otherwise it will not work and then it really starts to become preventive.

Developing a morning routine without getting stressed out

The routine started already, and my treatment was every day at the same time.

I was getting up every day at 7am. Staring to brush my teeth and then having my hot water sip by sip sitting on my Terrasse watching and listening to the ocean. Most of the time I was taking a walk on the beach and after this I was having breakfast.

During those 21 days I got to know yoga for the first time and also pranayama (a yogic breathing technique). I started to implement breathing into my daily routine and also meditation to calm my mind. I also started to journal again. I was just writing down what I have been thankful for during the day. This process I kept up for 21 days.

I was not doing everything in the morning because most of the routines I got to know while I was there. I knew yoga, meditation, breathing and journaling from back home already, but the deeper sense and how to combine breathing and meditation works and how important those little steps can be for you to improve your wellbeing. I experienced this myself when I was leaving India back to Munich.

I was having a Jet lag the first few days and felt like sleeping long in the morning. I tried the first week because I still had time. But my body and mind woke up every day at 7 in the morning. And my body asked for the hot water automatically. My brain would not function if I didn’t do my morning walk or my breathing exercises. So after 3 days back home I experienced myself how my whole system is missing those little routines. So I started to implement daily self-care for myself.
And I can tell you it starts with this one hour in the morning or in the evening. The time you take only for yourself. This is where healing starts and begins. Starting and allowing yourself to put your needs first. And this is where all the prevention starts. It’s even like this when you fly. First you put the mask and safety jacket on and then you help your kids. And here it is the same with the routines. This gives me so much energy, time for myself and this was so easy to implement without getting stressed out because I learnt from my Panchakarma, that my health is my priority and my own responsibility at the end of the day.

We believe in collaborative relationship-based care where our Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Supplement Brands, Ayurvedic Nutritionists & Chefs, Yoga, and Meditation Trainers are in sync. Contact the team who passionately works together to hold your hand in this healing journey.

Why did ASHAexperience design JINA for Ayurvedic Wellness?

Why did ASHAexperience design JINA for Ayurvedic Wellness?

Ayurvedic wellness is important for healing. Regardless of how wealthy the country and its people are today, people live the most stressful, unfulfilling, and unhappy lives possible as a result of various global socioeconomic challenges over which no one has control. Everyone is looking for some permanent, authentic and well-crafted solution for their well-being of mind and body. Healing life and aligning the mind and body are essential to wellness.

That was why the core healing team of ASHAexperience realized that self-care is essential in creating aspects of a healthy life and launched the Ayurvedic Wellness or Ayurvedic treatment travel experience called JINA.
JINA (means TO LIVE). It is carefully designed to offer the most traditional form of Ayurvedic wellness in a holistic and authentic way.

What JINA is all about

JINA is the most authentic Ayurvedic wellness, yogic and cultural journey. It will offer the experience in a holistic way considering the requirements of each individual.
JINA is a ten-day Ayurvedic self-care wellness and cultural trip to Kerala, India

JINA will offer

  • Cultural experience in Delhi and Coimbatore
  • Accommodation in an Ayurvedic Village in Kerala
  • Yoga Sessions to rejuvenate and cleanse the body.
  • Meditation sessions and other yogic practices to calm the mind
  • Ayurvedic Massage treatments to reinvigorate the body
  • Ayurvedic food to detox and heal
  • Experience the joy of community offering
  • Learn about yoga philosophy and ancient Indian scriptures
  • Village walk to experience the indigenous culture of that place
  • Learn the preparation of Ayurvedic food.
  • Learn the ayurvedic remedies for healing life daily back home
  • Experience regional music and dance

How is JINA of ASHAexperience unique and different?

  1. Jina is an absolute personal Ayurvedic Holistic wellness journey.
  2. ASHA is Swiss-founded & takes care of the safety protocol of all of its guests during the Jina travel experience.
  3. Jina is a hand-picked and handheld wellness travel experience supported by one of ASHA’s Ayurvedic doctors.
  4. Jina is designed with all the essentials of wellness required to balance everyone’s mind and body,
  5. JINA is offered after being personally experienced by the core healing team of Asha to ensure that the healing process and services are authentic and holistic, based on ancient Ayurvedic Science.
  6. Jina is appropriate for smaller groups. Each group should be of 2 to 4 guests ONLY. NO bigger group. Asha strongly believes in bringing meaningful changes in people’s lives.
  7. Jina is well-guided and assisted by experienced healers with profound h knowledge about the healing journey of Ayurvedic wellness.

We believe in collaborative relationship-based care where our Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Supplement Brands, Ayurvedic Nutritionists & Chefs, Yoga, and Meditation Trainers are in sync. Contact the team who passionately works together to hold your hand in this healing journey.

Yoga Retreat Program in India – RAGA

Yoga Retreat Program in India – RAGA

Experience A Yoga Retreat Program in India

In your life comes a time when you feel the urge to give the body and mind some time to discover yourself truly. Disconnecting from your daily life allows you to get to know yourself better, contemplate and learn new things about your life. Leaving everything behind for some time feels like the right thing to do, so why wouldn’t you give yourself that kind of yoga retreat program in India, where yoga is not just a practice but a lifestyle?

Yogic Travel Experience – RAGA by ASHAexperience

We present to you a yoga retreat program in India Raga, A self-discovery yogic travel Experience to Rishikesh, India.

RAGA (means the rhythm). India being the only ancient land of Yoga, RAGA is designed to offer the most authentic form of Yoga and the introduction to the yogic lifestyle with ashram living which can transform you completely.

What do you experience in Raga?

  • A well-guided yogic journey of self-discovery
  • Humble ashram living
  • Adventure of experiencing the authentic yogic lifestyle with yogis
  • Vedic welcome rituals are as per the ancient tradition of the Ashram
  • Yoga sessions along with the understanding of yogic anatomy
  • Pranayama/ breathwork sessions to declutter the mind
  • Self-reflection and silence meditation practised by the river Ganges for inner stillness
  • Mantra chanting to align the mind and body
  • Yogic meals throughout your stay
  • Learn the cooking of yogic/ Satvic food
  • Experience the Indian culture and spiritual life of yogis in the quintessential cave
  • Bathing in the sacred Ganges and understanding the philosophy behind its sanctity
How is Raga different from other yoga retreats?

  1. ASHAexperience is Swiss-founded & takes care of the safety protocol of all its guests during the Raga journey.
  2. Raga is designed to awaken and rejuvenate your soul.
  3. Raga is with all the essentials of a yogic lifestyle that can balance the mind & the body to lead a humble life,
  4. Raga is offered after being personally experienced by the core healing team of ASHAexperience to ensure that the self-discovery yogic journey is transformational and enlightening enough.
  5. Raga is appropriate only for smaller groups. Each group is of 2 to 4 guests ONLY — NO bigger group. ASHAexperience strongly believes in bringing meaningful changes in people’s lives.
  6. Raga is well-guided & assisted by experienced yogis who have in-depth knowledge of ancient yogic knowledge.
  7. Raga offers a deep understanding of self-connection and spiritualism.

We believe in collaborative relationship-based care where our Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Supplement Brands, Ayurvedic Nutritionists & Chefs, Yoga, and Meditation Trainers are in sync. Contact the team who passionately works together to hold your hand in this healing journey.

Best Ayurvedic Wellness travel for Women

Best Ayurvedic Wellness travel for Women

Women’s Wellness with Ayurvedic Medicine

Women’s wellness declines naturally with age as our bodies and minds begin to deteriorate. Muscles atrophy, joints stiffen, circulation lessens, and the mind slows down. Kshaya is the Ayurvedic term for decay in the body, which happens with aging and degeneration. The goal of Ayurvedic medicine is to balance mental, physical, spiritual, and social well-being through preventative measures, and by promoting healing. It helps to lessen degenerative processes and slows the advance of old age. Women also deal with specific feminine situations such as pregnancy and menopause, which cause fluctuations and changes in our physical bodies, hormones and physiological systems. Ayurvedic medicine can ease the discomfort of pregnancy and menopausal problems while relieving the suffering of hormonal changes. Imbalanced hormones can cause various physiological and emotional disruptions.

Ayurveda Promotes Balanced Life

Women’s pain is often not taken as seriously as men’s pain, which can have devastating effects on women’s health. Women specifically need to care for their uterus, ovaries, and vagina. These organs are unique to women, and need to be cared for as such. Ayurveda empowers women to take charge of their health by being in touch with their bodies and adopting practices that promote long term health and healing. Ayurveda recognizes the importance of the mind, body and spirit connection, and aims to balance each area for an overall balanced life.

Travel for Women for Wellness – An Ayurvedic Experience

An immersive Ayurvedic Travel Experience is one of the best ways to become fully integrated into a wellness program. A carefully crafted Ayurveda and Yoga tour package in Kerala, India not only ensures an enjoyable experience but also reflects the lifestyle and philosophy of the Ayurvedic principles. Through self-care and self-discovery in small intimate groups, these programs are the key to opening the chakras.

ASHAexperience provides a seamless, one-of-a-kind travel and wellness experience specifically for women. They offer two distinct programs to cater to your individual needs and preferences. The Raga program is a Yogic journey of self-discovery tailor-made for your well-being in ancient ashrams of Rishikesh, India. Yogis guide your natural life without the distractions of modern life where you can embrace the feelings within you and transform them to bring out the positive. This program is 9 days or more for a fully immersive experience. Yogic lifestyle coaching, daily fire rituals, yoga anatomy workshops, daily breathwork, self-reflection time, meditation and chanting workshops, yogic food sessions, and daily evening prayers bring the body, mind, and spirit together for a harmonized life.

The Jina program in Kerala, India brings you on a journey of self-care through yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic healing massage, and authentic Ayurvedic food to allow you to embrace the forgotten aspects of everyday life. You will change the way you experience life in an untouched, natural environment. A visit to  the first Yogi statue, personalized yoga sessions to cleanse the body, meditation sessions to calm the mind, individual Ayurvedic doctor consultations, Ayurvedic spa treatments to remove toxins from the body, uniquely prepared vegetarian food and drink, interaction with nature, community service, philosophical discussions, and Ayurvedic healing workshops transform every aspect of your life to send you inward and bring out your true self. This program runs in 7, 14 and 21 day sessions.

Both programs help women to strengthen their physical bodies through the movement of yoga, clear the mind with meditation and breathing to awaken one’s inner divine feminine energy, and remove toxins and balance hormones through healing foods and drinks. Individual illnesses, injuries, or struggles are also addressed in private sessions and consultations. Supplements are prescribed by a personal Ayurvedic doctor, but can also be ordered online.

 Curated Ayurvedic Wellness Treatments are also held in collaboration with various partners throughout India. Handpicked wellness resorts offer treatments for skin problems, autoimmune diseases, insomnia, various allergies, weight management, arthritis, post-COVID treatment, stress management, body detoxification, hormone imbalance, and more!

Ayurvedic medicine and the ASHAexperience in combination will holistically bring you back to better health to be the best version of you. They support and respect women in every stage of life, and help to restore and balance Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Become healthy in your body, joyful in your mind, and happy in your life!

We believe in collaborative relationship-based care where our Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Supplement Brands, Ayurvedic Nutritionists & Chefs, Yoga, and Meditation Trainers are in sync. Contact the team who passionately works together to hold your hand in this healing journey.

5 reasons to go for Panchakarma Treatment in India

5 reasons to go for Panchakarma Treatment in India

Ayurveda and spirituality in search of mind-body balance.

The idea of this journey of spirituality and well-being was born to offer you a path that, in addition to being exciting and interesting from the point of view of the places you will visit, will also be a wonderful opportunity to rediscover your physical and inner well-being.

Panchakarma – if you are interested in Ayurveda, sooner or later, you will come across this term because, in Ayurvedic medicine, the Panchakarma cure plays a fundamental role. There are several references to Panchakarma in the earliest ancient Ayurvedic writings. Panchakarma, being a living tradition, is frequently used in Kerala’s Ayurvedic practice. It aims to prevent or cure diseases through the elimination of toxins and tissue strengthening in order to restore
physical and emotional balance.

Do you know why a child is put in time-out or in the corner of thought after making a mess or being naughty?

Because it is in silence, isolation, and solitude that the little brat manages to reflect on his actions, in a sudden moment between crying and suffering, he calms down, listens to his conscience, apologizes, and naturally becomes a better person.

However, as we get older and there are no more nannies or parents to help us in this growing process, we simply forget about this act of love that is “doing nothing.” Furthermore, if we are part of Western culture, “not having time” is usually spoken with pride. There are so many activities involving home, family, work, and leisure that we have unlearned to contemplate time without any distraction.

Relearning how to do nothing is: contemplating the sunset without photographing, seeing drawings in the clouds, noticing the path of the ants, closing your eyes, and feeling for a few minutes the breeze on your face, until in the silence of the mind, the whispers of conscience manifest.

5 Reasons to go for Panchakarma Treatment in India

As the world struggles with the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are discussing the need to improve immunity to fight this virus. There are various Ayurvedic means to improve immunity. Panchakarma is a very important Ayurvedic process to do that. This 5000-year-old healing treatment not only boosts immunity but it also has the power to prevent diseases. It revitalizes both the body and the mind.


  1. Helps in Building Immunity
  2. Eliminates Toxins
  3. Improves Metabolism and Helps in Weight Loss
  4. Prevents Diseases
  5. Opens Up the Mind

1. Helps in Building Immunity

An imbalanced diet, less sleep, stress, chronic medication and dehydration affect immunity. Ayurveda believes that one should achieve three things to gain immunity. One is Bala that is the ability of the system to repair itself, Vyadhi Kshamata, the ability to fight against diseases and Ojas is the stage when the correct balance is achieved between immunity and digestion. The process of Panchakarma helps in attaining all these three things. At the end of the treatment, you have much better immunity.

2. Eliminates Toxins

The five actions of Panchakarma flush out all the toxins Ama from the body, leaving it totally rejuvenated.

The detoxification process targets the lungs, blood vessels, digestive system, bowels, and nervous system. It makes muscles and joints stronger and balances the hormone in the body. Going for this Ayurvedic treatment once every five years won’t allow the toxins to accumulate.

3. Improves Metabolism and Helps in Weight Loss

Most of our health concerns start with issues in metabolism. As the metabolic rate slows down, we tend to gain weight. Also, because of impaired metabolism, there are issues in bowel movements and hence the accumulation of toxins in the body.

The Panchakarma treatment completely boosts your metabolism after taking out all the toxins from the body. If you can follow the prescribed lifestyle after the treatment, it would lead to weight loss. You will experience an overall sense of well-being.

4. Prevents Diseases

We usually go for treatments when we have an illness, but Panchakarma treatment can prevent chronic diseases.

People go for the treatment to deal with diseases like chronic skin rashes, allergies, Paraplegia, or Hemiplegia. It can help prevent obesity, digestive and skin disorders, nerve diseases, and psychiatric illnesses. Diabetes and insomnia can also be prevented with this treatment.

It slows down aging and prevents neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Panchakarma prevents bone-degenerative diseases and gynecological issues.

5. Opens Up the Mind

Ayurveda practitioners say emotional issues can lead to diseases. While going through the intense treatment of Panchakarma, people attain mental peace and lucidity. It allows them to let go of the emotional baggage that torments them. Many people say that midway through the treatment; they feel a sense of awakening that helps them to move on. They feel a renewed level of concentration and happiness.


In the home country of Ayurveda, India, authentic Panchakarma cures await you in traditional Ayurvedic befitting resorts. Enjoy a dream location in a resort on the beach, surrounded by exotic palm trees, in the mountains, or in the middle of huge tea plantations. Plus, the staff’s warm hospitality at hotels and resorts will make your stay unforgettable. Panchakarma is a great way to stay healthy and happy. You should try this age-old Ayurvedic treatment for a complete overhaul of your body and mind. However, before going for the same you should get into an initial consultation with the Ayurvedic Doctor to know what kind of body you have and which type of Panchakarma is suitable for you.

We believe in collaborative relationship-based care where our Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Supplement Brands, Ayurvedic Nutritionists & Chefs, Yoga, and Meditation Trainers are in sync. Contact the team who passionately works together to hold your hand in this healing journey.

Why should you travel to India for your first Yoga Retreat?

Why should you travel to India for your first Yoga Retreat?

In the life of every yoga practitioner comes a time when one feels the urge to give their body and mind some time to truly know themselves. Disconnecting from your daily life gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself better, to contemplate and to learn new things about your life. Leaving everything behind for sometime feels like the right thing to do, so why wouldn’t you choose to give yourself that kind of treat in beautiful India, where yoga is not just a practice, it is a lifestyle.

Travel to the Yoga capital of the world

Yoga has been practiced in India for over a thousand years, and nowadays India offers many different retreats. Yoga retreats are great healing holidays and a true gift to oneself. The main purpose of yoga retreats is to isolate the mind from all thoughts, worries, and fears, and to increase the strength and flexibility of the body.

This yogic inward journey gives great opportunities to find balance within life. You can find programs for beginners or experienced practitioners, of any form of yoga. Retreats are placed all over India, in traditional ashrams or modern places. You can choose between the bank of the Ganges in Rishikesh, high in the Himalayas, or by the sea in Goa. Possibilities almost seem to be endless.

Possibility of learning authentic Yoga Sutras

Yoga retreats in India open the possibility of learning a combination of traditional and modern yoga practiced and developed by various yogis . You can find various yogic experiences, may it be Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa or Kundalini yoga. As we all know that the three main pillars of Yoga structures are asanas, pranayama and meditation. Hence the goal of the Yoga retreats always revolves around to create a wholesome and interdependent sense of wellbeing, by offering balance of mind and body through asanas, breathing and meditation. The yoga retreats are designed for everyone whether you are just a beginner who wants to develop a personal yoga practice, or you are an experienced yogi who wants to gain certificates and learn from highly skilled gurus/ teachers. One thing is sure, that Yoga retreats definitely give you a chance to deepen your yoga practice and to transform your perception of life.

Beside practicing yoga, many retreats offer classes and workshops about yoga philosophy and history of yoga along with the lessons about yoga anatomy and physiology. The focus is to help you understand the roots of yoga and its effect on your body and mind.

Right spiritual environment for Meditation and Chanting.

India is always known as a reservoir of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. One can find the undercurrent of spiritualism in every ashram, retreat, and in fact in every corner of India. Ancient authentic Yoga is always practiced with meditation and chanting for strengthening the inner energy. The meditation in Indian ashram or retreats not only gives you the gift of consciousness of the present moment but also the opportunity to truly relax. Therefore, most of the retreats and ashrams are designed to practice yoga along with chanting and meditation.

Get connected to the Yoga community:

Travelling to India on a yoga retreat is like connecting to the beautiful yoga community. The whole atmosphere in the retreat and ashram is designed in such a way that you can feel supported and empowered with the wonderful new yogic community. A sense of gratitude and freedom comes though you are not known to anyone in the community but yet get connected through the common thread of YOGA. After all we are all connected on this incredible yogic journey of life.

Taste the Yogic and satvik Food:

Indian Yoga retreats and ashrams always offer the purest form of food called satvik food. The yoga sutra defines that, satvik food offers nourishment to the body and peace to the mind. The ancient yogis realized the healing properties of satvik food which created inner peace and calmness. Therefore, it is greatly popular among yogis as it brings energy and freshness to the mind.

The yogic and sattvic diet is difficult to incorporate into daily life which is why most Indian yoga retreats and ashrams focus on the sattvic diet and offer the lesson on how to prepare yogic meals.

Yoga retreats in India are the perfect getaway for someone who is ready for holistic transformation. It is not just about yogic experience, it’s also about personal growth, recognizing your own strengths, and achieving inner peace. If you have not yet experienced your yoga retreat in India then why not connect with our team who can hold your hand and organize the wonderful Yogic Experience in India called RAGA- The Rhythm

We believe in collaborative relationship-based care where our Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ayurvedic Supplement Brands, Ayurvedic Nutritionists & Chefs, Yoga, and Meditation Trainers are in sync. Contact the team who passionately works together to hold your hand in this healing journey.