Five Reasons to Travel to India for Your Ayurvedic Treatment

Five Reasons to Travel to India for Your Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda, or the science of life as it is often translated, has existed for over five thousand years. It is one of the most efficient preventive, palliative and restorative traditional medicinal systems in the world. There is no wonder why it is, alongside allopathic medicine, also the official medicine practiced in India.

At the very core of the ayurvedic experience is the notion that our personal health is in our own hands, and by knowing the principles of our own bodily constitution, our daily practices, the food we consume and the general way in which everything that surrounds us interacts with us, we are able to achieve longevity, and a quality one at that.

The ayurvedic treatment is a holistic approach to the human experience realizing that the mind, the body and the soul are one and thus cannot be separated one from another. In order to heal oneself, all of one’s self must be taken into consideration. And while a person might try to do it on their own or with the help of an ayurvedic physician locally, in their own country, here are some reasons why you might consider going to India for your ayurvedic wellness journey.

Travel to India for Your Ayurvedic Treatment

1. Going to the source of ancient wisdom

Ayurveda originated in India over 5000 years ago. And from personal experience and the experience of many others, there is something to be said for seeking healing where the healing system originated. Imagine the power of an ayurvedic doctor who is the 14th generation of ayurvedic healers (this is just an example) in his family, every previous relative of his has been taught ayurvedic healing since they could articulate words, it is in their DNA and is not comparable with any other experience. Also, imagine taking your healing process to the very earth it originated from, knowing that the herbs that will be used in your treatment are the very ones that surround you, you are breathing in the essence of your healing process just by being there alone. Considering ayurvedic treatment in India may be the key solution for you.

2. YOU are the center of your healing

With Ayurveda, practiced anywhere , your healing journey is specifically tailored to you and you alone, there are no two people alike and this is how Ayurveda approaches the entire process. The preparations, therapeutic measures, and your diet and daily activities are planned out for you especially, taking your condition into account. So, you can put your mind at ease and know that this is a custom made plan with you as an individual in the center of your healing process.

3. Sound, Touch , Colors, Taste, Fragrance

This is an experience that involves all of your senses. It may overwhelm them at times but the sheer experience of being in India is something you will recall for the rest of your life, just go with an open heart and expect everything to happen. Because India is everything in one place. Experience the noise of the street, let it break the inconvenience of your conference meetings. Smell the herbs being sold by the side of the street or the flora of a park if you visit one, let it contrast the noisy perfume stores that might make your headache. Look at the smiles on people’s faces, remember how much you have and find gratitude as these people might not be in the situation that you are but they find joy in life. Seek to find the joy you see. Find beautiful scarfs and ancient jewelry, anything you like. Take time to enjoy the entire process with every single inch of your being. You will be that much better for it.

4. Experiencing a new culture

Have you ever traveled abroad on vacation and left your worries at home, just to realize that somehow the food, even though it’s something you could never digest at home, sits well with you somehow? There is an attraction in the power of distraction, and sometimes that might be all you need to start your healing process, and India is nothing if not colorful. This is where the journey of relaxing your entire body begins. Sure, it’s not home, it’s something completely different but it’s a transformative experience if you go into it with an open heart. If you decide to go and seek balance and health in India, you won’t be stuck in a hospital all day long. Ayurvedic treatment addresses your entire being. You will find yourself immersed in the culture and the variety of people and temples there are to visit. Remember, you are clearing your system of ailments, and an ‘ambush’ of completely different interactions with nature, people, and life can be very transformative, and an amazing start to a healing journey.

5. Everything is taken care of. You just need to show up

Of course, we are all aware that leaving our daily problems behind is something that not many people can do, but simply going away and putting yourself in trustworthy hands may sometimes be the better part of the solution. We all underestimate how much of a toll stress takes on us, the conscious and the subconscious kind, so taking at least one type of stress out of the equation can be described as releasing the weight so your ship can sail clearly. There are no appointments to be made, nothing to worry about except putting yourself into the hands of experienced practitioners who will guide you to your best health.

While there are many more reasons to be listed as to why you should seek anything in India, these are just a few to nudge you in the right direction. You might not realize this until years after, but a trip like this will leave a mark on you, making you a more appreciative and better person with a deeper understanding of life.

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