Journeys with ASHA

Journeys with ASHA

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A pandemic. Financial uncertainties. The world changed forever. These are just some of the reasons that most people today lead stressful, unfulfilling, and unhappy lives. Now more than ever, there is a desire for holistic, authentic and mindful solutions for physical, mental and emotional well being. And aligning the mind and body are the first steps for leading an ailment-free, healthy life. We, at ASHA, decided to introduce a travel program to India, the birthplace of both Yoga & Ayurveda. We put together the programme with the aim to re-introduce self discovery and care into the lives of our patrons. Is there any better way to lead a mindful, healthy life than by practising Yoga and Ayurveda daily? We think not. To help our patrons on this journey, we have introduced the ASHA Ayurvedic Wellness and Yogic Journeys. Journeys with ASHA is a truly unique travel program, with healing and wellness at its core. Our program doesn’t just offer a visit to India; it promises an introduction to a lifestyle which is centered around healing, mental wellness and treatments. We have designed the program to ensure our patrons not only experience the Ayurvedic way of life but imbibe it continue to practice it, well after they go back home.

ASHA Ayurvedic Wellness and Yogic Journeys


Meaning: To Live JINA is an authentic Ayurvedic Retreat in Kerala, India. Curated for each individual according to their health and needs, it’s designed by ASHA Ayurvedic Doctors to help our patrons regain their health. The program also offers our patrons a chance to learn medically healing Ayurvedic practices and rituals from handpicked experts to continue on their journey, even after the end of the journey. Location: Kerala, India Duration: 10 days or more Price: Euro 2,600 onwards
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  • Travel to & within India
  • Accommodation in an Ayurvedic Retreat in Kerala, India

  • Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctors to assess each individual’s needs

  • Daily Yoga Sessions for rejuvenation

  • Daily Meditation Sessions to help heal anxiety

  • Daily Ayurvedic Spa treatments, as prescribed by Ayurvedic Doctors

  • Daily organic, vegetarian meals for detoxification

  • Discussions on yoga philosophies by experienced Yogis

  • Village walks around the retreat

  • Cooking classes with specialised Ayurvedic Chefs


Meaning: Rhythm In the Raga Program, we take you to Rishikesh, the cradle of Indian civilization, for an immersive, intense Yoga retreat like none other. This retreat will help our travellers get in touch with unspoilt Yogic life, apart from learning how to continue their Yogic journey after they go back to their daily lives. Location: Rishikesh, India Duration: 9 days or more Price: Euro 1,500 onwards
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  • Travel to and within India
  • Accommodation in a Rishikesh’s oldest Yogic Aashram
  • Welcoming rituals including Havan (an Indian welcoming rite)
  • Daily Yoga Sessions

  • Daily Pranayama Sessions

  • Daily Meditation & Chanting Sessions
  • All yogic meals.
  • Cooking classes with Yogic Chefs
  • An immersive experience of the Yogic way of life
  • Cleansing in the sacred River Ganga (Ganges)

Why should you opt for ASHA Journeys?

  • The core of ASHA Journeys lies in the desire to introduce a program which isn’t only experiential but also helps our patrons imbibe the healing practices and rituals into their daily life.
  • Jina and Raga are both designed and curated for each individual traveller, keeping their unique needs in mind.
  • Jina and Raga are exclusive and intimate journeys, offered only to 4-6 individuals at a time.
  • Each guest will be assisted by an experienced study guide to help them navigate the journey and take care of every need, however big or small.
  • Every single detail is taken care of and curated by ASHA.

We believe in collaborative relationship-based care where our Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic Supplement Brands, Ayurvedic Nutritionists & Chefs, Yoga, and Meditation Trainers are in sync. Contact the team who passionately works together to hold your hand in this healing journey.

Yoga in my life

Yoga for Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Yoga in my life

“In the body and mind, lies the power to self-heal….”

I come from a family of athletes and was brought up with the philosophy that nothing is more important than your own physical & emotional well-being. As a child, I had a very active lifestyle and some of my favorite activities included swimming and football. Yoga and I go way back when I was 14 and my mom’s friend introduced me to it. Physical or mental discipline did not come naturally to me at that time and hence yoga didn’t instantly fit in, especially with my outdoor activities and energy levels. I was not very regular with yoga until a few years later.

Fast forward to student life in Switzerland, everything was awesome, new people, beautiful culture, and food, until one day I experienced very sharp lower back pain due to a 5 year old injury, which not only caused movement restrictions but also caused immense pain even for the simplest of tasks, such as sitting or leaning forward. Initially it was just a back pain, until not so soon after, it started radiating down my legs. Not only was I facing physical imbalance, but it also reflected on my emotional state of mind. Pain medications were prescribed which would only block the pain and help relieve temporary inflammation, but as soon as I stopped having them, the pain would return back with full intensity. Then I recalled my family’s words, “your body has the strength to rewire itself, just support it as it supports you”.

Yoga Increased my Metabolism

That brings us to a few weeks back when I started with basic yoga stretches for mobility, and then I realized not only did the pain go away, but I also got better at swimming, my breathing gained a rhythm better than before even while swimming and I was in charge of my fitness. Along with all that, my digestion was better than ever before, my metabolism increased and I could even see the change in my skin for the better.

My Wellness Experience with ASHAexperience

“Wellness” is a wholesome term that cannot be simply described by exercising alone. In order to be physically and emotionally balanced, not only do we require physical activity, but we also need the right nutrition that helps us balance the activity and promotes healing. This is where “the ayurvedic way of life” became an integral part of my life and I would like to thank Dr. Chitra V. Menon (Ayurvedic doctor) and Bijoya Mohanty (Co-founder) of ASHAexperience, for helping me take my healing experience even further. With the help of Dr. Chitra, I was able to identify my body type, identify the imbalances, and how simply by certain modifications, they can be corrected.

Ayurveda is more than 5000 years old ancient healing science, which works on the root cause of imbalance in our bodies, promoting a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Recently, during my first ayurvedic consultation, I got to know about my body type for the first time and how simply altering certain eating habits combined with yoga and pranayama, can create a huge positive impact in my life. Ayurveda says no food is bad food, but according to one’s body type, certain foods are better suited than others. This promotes a better functioning environment for our bodies, which in the long run, also promotes great emotional well-being.

Ayurvedic Diet Advantage

An ayurvedic diet is also known to be extremely gut-friendly. Personally, I’ve experienced when my gut is happy, my day goes happy. Some of the benefits of good gut health include clear skin, anti-aging, no indigestion which in turn leads to a satisfied mind and a healthy neurological function, also eliminating the possibilities of hormonal imbalances and stress, anxiety, depression. The benefits are a chain reaction to promoting a great sustainable environment for our wholesome wellness.

ASHA platform has a very experienced panel of doctors, yoga therapists, and nutritionists, who work together to design a customized plan for you and help you identify and rectify the imbalances in your body, for a sustainable lifestyle.

We believe in collaborative relationship-based care where our Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic Supplement Brands, Ayurvedic Nutritionists & Chefs, Yoga, and Meditation Trainers are in sync. Contact the team who passionately works together to hold your hand in this healing journey.

My Experience with Ayurvedic Doctor Consultation Online, ASHAExperience

My Experience with Ayurvedic Doctor Consultation Online, ASHAExperience

Ian Matthews

Ian Matthews

I recently discovered that Ayurveda can change my life and it most definitely has. My name is Ian Matthews and here is my story of embarking on a holistic, Ayurvedic healing journey with Ayurvedic Doctors online consultation at ASHAexperience.

Growing up as a British citizen in South Korea I have always loved the outdoors and anything to do with nature. I am a health wellbeing coach who practices what he preaches! My healthy lifestyle consists of a fusion between Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Raja Yoga practices. I was naturally drawn to ASHAexperience’s online platform as I myself am the founder of a program developed over 20 years ago that helps kickstart people to return to wholeness using 100% natural tools and practices.

I came across this global wellness platform from a dear friend that I met in Barcelona. There has been a synergy in certain elements of my practice and teachings that are connected to Ayurveda, so I was looking forward to learning more about this holistic system and more specifically about how it would better my lifestyle. To me, Ayurveda is a total well-being way of life.

When I met my Ayurvedic Doctor, Taruna Yadav I was looking forward to an objective view of my own health condition. I walked into the consultation with excitement as I knew it would be tailored around my needs and requirements. I was asked questions about my health condition but also many questions that I would not have asked clients from a Western perspective. Dr. Yadav’s questions for me were much more relevant to the person I was from day to day, rather than ailment-focused – I loved it. Overall, learning about my mind and body was emotionally moving, in a nice way.

Dr. Taruna Yadav

Dr. Taruna Yadav

The suggestions I was given at the end of the consultation were totally doable. I focus more on acceptance for where I am in life, unconditionally. The transition into an Ayurvedic lifestyle has been profound. I realize that it is the perfect next step for my own practice and for that of my clients, post-inner-evolution. I have also prescribed a list of Ayurvedic supplements that I could take to better my health condition which was readily available to order online internationally.

My most valued take-away from my consultation with ASHAexperience’s Dr. Yadav was the importance, regardless of my own work as a wellbeing practitioner, to assess honestly my own condition and not to push feelings of recent family traumas under the carpet, so to speak. To be kinder to myself regardless. My acceptance and new findings have motivated me to tackle another health condition that troubles me for a while now, digestive cleansing. Knowing that I can continue my healing journey through the ASHAexperience online platform was also very comforting. I have met many therapists via webinar and they are all so inspiring, honest and very professional.

If I were to recommend this Ayurvedic healing platform to anyone of my choice, it would be to the whole world!

We believe in collaborative relationship-based care where our Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic Supplement Brands, Ayurvedic Nutritionists & Chefs, Yoga, and Meditation Trainers are in sync. Contact the team who passionately works together to hold your hand in this healing journey.

My experience with Ayurvedic Therapy Online

My experience with Ayurvedic Therapy Online

Hola a todos, I want to share my exclusive therapeutic experience with Ayurveda. I am a professional tourist guide in Barcelona, Spain. I recently started following the ayurvedic lifestyle that has transformed me to a better person with a healthy diet and natural wellness.
My exotic journey in the beautiful tourist destination Spain started with a profession as a tourist guide. Spain has mostly the Mediterranean climate, and is characterized by warm/hot and dry summers. With the most breathtaking landscapes dotted by buzzling cities, Spain is all about sand, food and alluring beaches that endlessly draw tourists from all over the world.
I love my profession as a tourist guide wherein I get to meet people from all over the world and engage them in the most beautiful tourist spots in Spain. Madrid and Barcelona are always heavily buzzing with tourists.
As a Spaniard we love food, leisure activities and chilling out with friends. The Spanish restaurants are always sprawling with both Spaniards and regular tourists because of the most authentic multi-cuisines dashed with a flavour of olive oil and their main dish as Paella. Well, some say Paella is Spanish national food but most Spaniards state it as a Valencian dish!
Barcelona has always had the most tourist population, and I was always on the go with people, engaging them with beautiful locales and food. For quite some time, I ended up eating all kinds of food to keep pace with my busy schedule. This took a toll on my health and I used to get sick often that hindered my professional life.

How I found this Ayurvedic consultation online?

Being a busy professional tourist guide I hadn’t had enough time to get my body checked with Doctors by physically visiting a nearby clinic and I used to end up with simple medications that gave me only short term relief. Then out of stressful health, I kept searching for online consultation with doctors and there I found ASHAexperience – The Ayurvedic healing community for Holistic healthcare and natural wellness. The word Healing quickly embraced my stressful health and connected me emotionally. I started understanding their ayurvedic concept of healing and their many ayurvedic doctors from around the world. I found Dr. Dinu from Spain with expertise in digestive system management that immediately clicked me.
I got an immediate appointment with Dr. Dinu. I found this virtual ayurvedic consultation to be the most comforting way to take care of my health issues. The ayurvedic doctor quickly understood my professional life and suggested me with easy mediterranean food that is recommended by ayurveda for holistic healing of my current health issues. I quickly started following the ayurvedic guidelines on food intake along with the time of intake from day one and took care of my eating habits.
Dr. Dinu was a constant support for me taking care of my wellness habits and that was more encouraging for me to follow this ayurvedic practice. Within a week, I could see immense benefits in my health getting healed with respect to digestion of food that improved my metabolism making me active all through the day. Surprisingly, I am able to take more tour assignments than before. Glad I connected with ASHAexperience! I bet, this ayurvedic lifestyle is the destination for a complete holistic and natural wellness journey.

We believe in collaborative relationship-based care where our Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic Supplement Brands, Ayurvedic Nutritionists & Chefs, Yoga, and Meditation Trainers are in sync. Contact the team who passionately works together to hold your hand in this healing journey.

My personal experience with Ayurvedic Doctors online in Switzerland

my ayurvedic experience with ayurvedic doctors online Spain

My personal experience with Ayurvedic Doctors online in Switzerland at ASHAexperience

We all have some experiences in our lives that transform our lives for better.. Here, I would like to share my very best personal experience with Ayurvedic Doctors online in Switzerland, at ASHAexperience to support my sayings.

“What I learned – Stress is the root cause of all ailments!”

When I moved from Congo to Switzerland, all my habits changed – which I expected. What I didn’t expect was for my mind and body to feel different. I came to a point where I was mentally unstable. I was living in a bubble of stress that could be managed temporarily by distracting myself. The worst part was that my stress triggered my digestion. My nervous belly rumbling turned into something more severe and began to impact my performance at the University.

“Quick remedy from general medicine is not the solution for Stress Management.”

At the end of every semester, I would be in the hospital, asking my general doctor for medication to get me through my exams. I would tell the doctor that I have tummy issues. The doctor would ask me if I was stressed, and soon after, I would walk into the pharmacy with a list of medications that I had to take every 6-8 hours. Nevertheless, I didn’t perform the exams well. Though my tummy issue was under control, the medication was not tackling the root of the problem: Stress.

A close friend of mine was going through a similar situation and suggested that I book an Ayurvedic consultant appointment. I was a bit skeptical, and it took me a while to fit it into my schedule. A month later, when I was overwhelmed with work, I started to lose hair and maneuvered to stress-eat. When such events went out of control, I decided to click on the link to book the Ayurvedic Doctor that my friend shared with me.

“ASHAexperience – The Ayurvedic healing community for Holistic Health.”

Ayurvedic healing community for you” in Switzerland, was the first sentence that captured me wanting to explore more. I was stunned by what the ASHAexperience platform was offering. I could find Ayurvedic Doctors from different countries, including Ayurvedic experts (Chefs, Nutritionists, Healers, Yogis) under one roof. There were no more endless hours of searching and curating my healing journey of stress management. Within 10 minutes, I was able to find three specialists for stress management, and with a click of a button, I had my first appointment with Dr. Manan Soni.

I got many insights out of that 1-hour session with the Doctor. I learned the ins and outs of Ayurveda and, more specifically, Ayurveda’s view on my unique mind and body constitution. The Ayurvedic doctor at ASHAexperience queried about my lifestyle and how I managed challenges and changes in my life. I didn’t even have to explain in detail because I could tell that Dr. Manan knew what was going on in my body because of my mind. He was very supportive, and I didn’t feel any judgment. He encouraged me to pick up on a few Ayurvedic practices, such as

  • Abhyanga – I practiced Abhyanga by taking up warm oil massage twice a week and found remarkable healthy changes in my body
  • Shirolepa – An ayurvedic herbal paste was recommended by my Ayurvedic Doctor to be applied on my forehead, that relieved me from my stress to a large extent
  • Brahmi – The ayurvedic herb, Brahmi prescribed by my doctor, calmed down the stress hormone and enhanced the power of my concentration. I used Brahmi leaves for my afternoon tea that has greatly improved my mental and physical well-being.
  • Bhringraj – This wonderful ayurvedic herb helped me detoxify my body leading to an increased supply of oxygen relieving me from stress.
  • “I got the best Ayurvedic practice guidelines from Doctor at ASHAexperience”

    It has been a month since I have incorporated these habits into my life, and I have never felt better before. I wake up with a routine that tackles feeling overwhelmed. Meditation helps me realize the power of growing as I think more and more focused each day. Eating an ideal ayurvedic diet on a schedule every day has reduced my stress-eating habits. Overall, I am a better version of myself each day, and I feel proud.

    Thank you, ASHAexperience!

    We believe in collaborative relationship-based care where our Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic Supplement Brands, Ayurvedic Nutritionists & Chefs, Yoga, and Meditation Trainers are in sync. Contact the team who passionately works together to hold your hand in this healing journey.

    Ayurveda Experience with Ayurvedic doctors online in Spain

    my ayurvedic experience with ayurvedic doctors online Spain

    Katia’s First Experience with Ayurvedic Doctor online in Spain – Dr. Dinu

    Tell us more about yourself and why you chose Ayurveda Holistic Healthcare:

    I am a Gen-Z baby, raised, and currently living in Barcelona, Spain, with my family. I love everything from fitness to cozying up on the couch and doing nothing. I was recently introduced to Ayurveda and ASHAexperience – the Ayurvedic Healing community, by a close friend after telling her about my never-ending tummy-bloating issues. I have suffered from painful bloating for many years and could not find a long-term solution until now. I found that ASHAexperience gives holistic healthcare solutions to every type of body imbalance and that fact quickly connected with me!

    What inspired you to choose Dr. Dinu for your Ayurvedic Consultation?

    After scrolling through the ASHAexperience website, I noticed that all the Ayurvedic Doctors practice in different countries and specialize in various body imbalances. Dr. Dinu is based in Spain and is known to treat digestive disorders, so ideally, I knew that this is where I should start, given he would understand my Spanish lifestyle the best and know about the local food ingredients in my country.

    Dr. Dinu Raj

    Dr. Dinu Raj

    What was your first experience with the online Ayurvedic Doctor consultation at ASHAexperience?

    Dr. Dinu took a full hour to get to know the ins and outs of my life. He focused not only on the foods I eat but also on my sleeping patterns, physical movements, stress levels, and more. With just a few details, he read my mind and body – it was as if he knew me for years! It didn’t feel like a clinical interview because of how well the conversation flowed. At the end of my online consultation, he prescribed me natural remedies and habits to soothe my bloating.

    Am glad to have connected with ASHAexperience for the best experience that I had with the virtual ayurvedic consultation from the comfort of my home.

    Which ayurvedic practice have you started to incorporate in your daily life?

    Here are some of the Ayurvedic practices that I love:

    Water – drink 2 liters a day, in between my meals for my gut health
    Moong Daal Crackers – for lighter digestion and high protein
    Carbs – helped constipation troubles as well as bloating
    Coffee – avoiding coffee an empty stomach for acidity

    I have been doing these for 3 weeks now and I’ve never felt better! Can’t wait for my follow-up ayurvedic consultation with ASHAexperience.

    Discover more about our Ayurvedic Doctors with holistic healthcare solutions exclusively on our website

    We believe in collaborative relationship-based care where our Ayurvedic Doctors, Ayurvedic Supplement Brands, Ayurvedic Nutritionists & Chefs, Yoga, and Meditation Trainers are in sync. Contact the team who passionately works together to hold your hand in this healing journey.

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