Our partner, Maharishi Ayurveda is a leading brand for authentic, curated Ayurvedic products, trusted by 3 million+ people since the last 40 years! One can discover the original and most comprehensive form of Ayurveda in the highest quality.

Authentic recipes & traditional preparation procedures the best, controlled raw materials, sustainable and natural – since 1987 very modern, certified production locations strict quality controls by European laboratories food supplements awarded the AYUSH Premium Mark Award BDIH / COSMOS ORGANIC / NATURAL certified natural cosmetics

Maharishi Ayurveda is transforming people’s lives in 50+ countries like Canada, Japan, Australia, India, European Countries and more. Our team will be happy to assist your requirements for Ayurvedic supplements prescribed by our doctors.

Just send us a message and your prescription to healme@ashaexperience.com and our healing team will respond back to you immediately. Don’t forget to ask for our exclusive 5% members only discount in your request!

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